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Mother | Yoga Teacher | Business Owner
Author | Yoga Teacher | Ph.D
Yoga Teacher | Entrepreneur | Recovering Tech Exec
Mother | Senior Yoga Medicine Teacher
Anna will light up your life! Her smile and sweetness are contagious, she's always making you feel welcomed and loved. When we first met, we were both teaching yoga in the States and after taking just one of her classes, I hired her to teach at my studio! From the moment a student walks through the door and well after they leave class, Anna's guidance and depth of knowledge will envelop you. In a world where yoga teachers are a dime a dozen, Anna truly shines as one-of-a-kind. Her experience, both on the mat and around the globe, create classes, workshops and teacher trainings that are packed with yogic knowledge, anatomical intelligence, smart sequencing and modern day integration. Join her now - you've found your match!
Ph.D​ | Enterpreneur | CEO of Albus & Flora
So much more than a yoga retreat, it was a truly inspiring, uplifting, wonderful experience, and words cannot really express the impact it has had on me... who knew that a week could take you through so many emotions, so many experiences, so much joy and so much reflection, filled with laughter and tears, amazing friendship and support, care and love, connection to self and the earth. 

What you guys have created together and the atmosphere of acceptance, love and support, within which we were able to learn, reflect, and practice self care was truly truly special. In a world full of noise, deadlines, pressures and challenges you offered a different path, one with space, with quiet, with balance... The time, encouragement, guidance and unconditional support you both offered to help everyone shone out like a beacon for me.

I feel much more able to make the changes I need to make now. I left relaxed, full of hope, energised, inspired, and with a much clearer understanding of how I want my life to be and how I want to feel. If I was to choose the most profound take-away! The heart and soul knows the way - you have to listen and let it guide you... And the importance of finding a routine and daily, weekly, annual practices that help you connect to it, and to value yourself enough to make the intention become a reality...
Artist | Writer | Teacher​ | Author of Sensing Still
I had the honour and the pleasure of taking one of Anna's teacher training courses. I knew that a YTT would be a profoundly life changing and rewarding experience but it was much more than I had expected, and to the greatest extent this was down to Anna. Anna's teaching is magical. There is no other word to describe it. It is a rare thing to be able to teach with integrity and accuracy, imparting years of knowledge and wisdom in only a short period of time, but it is another to do so with such joy, enthusiasm and genuine love of what you are teaching that you light up the room and the hearts of your students.
Anna doesn't just teach, she shares. She shares her deep understanding of posture and movement, of focus and breathing, of anatomy and alignment. She shares her knowledge of history, philosophy, nutrition, and spirituality. Above all she shares her love for yoga, for people and for sharing itself. Through Anna I learned not only how to develop my physical practice, to understand the physiology and philosophy of yoga, and how to effectively teach
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Father​ | Husband | Law Enforcement

Anna has a great energy and ability to connect with a class. The time flies by, but nothing is rushed. She gives adjustments and individual attention throughout the session. The first class I took with her was like we had been practicing together for a long time - smooth transitions, clear directions for all skill levels, but still paying attention to those who may need addition help in a pose.

Some things are hard to put into words, Anna is a teacher that not only has a great passion for Yoga, she is able to use that passion to transfer her knowledge to her students. Just a great teacher!

Mother | Creator of the True Reflection Tribe

I did my 200 hour yoga teacher training with the insanely badass yogi Anna Sugarman and it was one of the most wildly transformational and liberating months of my life. In fact I loved it so much I'm doing it all again!


If you're looking to train, retrain, or just to regroup, I recommend this course with my whole heart. Anna is the real deal. She breathes divine badassery, lives in a fairy house and has the biggest heart in the world!


This woman taught me what yoga really is and let me tell you, she can hold a space of pure love and acceptance like no other.

Mother | Wife | Yogini​ | Attorney
How rare and wonderful you guys are! Your generosity during the Koh Samui teacher training seemed effortless and infinite and I’m still infected by a lightness of being inspired by your example. How cool is that!?  You guys are simply the best and I think of you everyday with love, gratitude and fierce, virtual bear hugs!
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