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Be the Change


{If you can't beat em, join em?! Full speed ahead!}

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi

Autumn is a time for change… Days are getting shorter and our baby girl is getting bigger, which means constant change for us – ever-evolving challenge and joy. Daily, she adds new tricks to her repertoire – waving, clapping, kissing, standing... Her perseverance is inspiring. Her determination makes her an excellent teammate in changing the world!

Are you seeking change? New tricks for your repertoire? Tools for your belt? Considering implementing a yoga practice into your life?

How do I start a home practice? or… How to I get my ____________ (mom/boyfriend/sister/husband) to start practicing yoga? Some of our most frequently asked questions – which we are so very grateful to hear, each and every time! Check out our blog, Why YTT?, for the answers and ideas we are honored to offer.

Now, if you have been initiated into the practice of yoga, via any route, your interest is peaked, you can’t get enough, you want more, you’re ready to develop your self-practice and potentially even share it… Yoga Teacher Training is your next logical consideration.

Yoga Teacher Training isn’t only for advanced practitioners who are ready to launch full-time careers teaching yoga.

Yoga Teacher Training is for those who desire to deepen their knowledge of the practice and themselves, to become their own teacher, to develop their wisdom and inner guru, to expand their higher potential, to play.

Yoga Teacher Training is one of the few chances for adults to indulge, fully immerse, in sweet self-development – grown-up camp. Join us in February... Instead of bunkbeds, beachfront villas, and rather than sandboxes, yoga salas above the sea.

Wishing you a season of extraordinary change, baby steps or leaps and bounds.

Love, light, and clarity – Anna. x

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