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Once Upon a Time

“Yoga is the journey of the Self, to the Self, through the Self.” The Bhagavad Gita

But what the f#%k does that mean?!

If yoga philosophy, in your mind, goes something like this – "Once upon a time there was an old dude with a beard in a cave, and then came Lululemon. The end." – you're not alone.

The part of yoga for which we wear Luon and Luxtreme is just one eighth of the classical system defined by the cave guy who was well ahead of his time in regard to the Athleisure genre of fashion – hello effortless man bun and vintage mala beads, soft flowing robes and perfectly worn gladiator sandals (I'm not sure if he donned those, but wouldn't they have been divine in the Himalayan sunrises and the deep playa?!).

Well, if you're interested in discovering how ancient philosophy is relevant to modern meditation, vinyasa flow, and life... Join me, on October 26th, for a workshop in which we will explore the first Limb of Yoga by seamlessly weaving the Yamas (the moral, ethical, societal code) into a playful flowing practice set to rockin tunes, meditation, and self-study. Learn to shift internal thought patterns and impact outward behaviors with this enduring wisdom – on and off the mat.

For the other seven Limbs of Yoga... Teacher Training is where it's at! Deepen your knowledge of the practice and yourself, develop your wisdom and inner guru, expand your higher potential, play… Yoga Teacher Training is one of the few chances for adults to indulge, to fully immerse in sweet self-development and connection with like-hearted souls – grown-up camp.

There are a few spots left to join us in India, the Motherland, for our training in March. In addition to experiencing Yogic magic, sacred cows, scrumptious food, and white sandy beaches – you can pick up some of those mala beads and gladiator sandals.

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