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The White Isle Retreat

Our 5-11 October 2019 Ibiza Retreat is featured on Holidays Kingdom!

Relaxing with a Yoga Retreat on Ibiza

While Ibiza may be best known for its clubs and package holidays, there is another far more peaceful side to the White Isle. Nestled along the island’s beautiful coastline and amongst the hills of its stunning countryside you will find some fantastic yoga retreats. Harking back to Ibiza’s hippy roots, these retreats provide spaces to rest, relax and unwind. Read on to discover why you should visit this spectacular island and escape the daily grind with a yoga retreat.

Ibiza, The White Isle

World Class Yoga Teachers

Ibiza is fast becoming a magnet for some of the best yoga teachers from around the world, offering retreats at locations all over the island. You can find every type of yoga on offer, so whether you are looking for Vinyasa yoga, Yin and Yang practice, Jivamukti yoga, Kundalini yoga or more, you are sure to find it on this soulful island. If you can’t choose, some retreats also offer a mix of styles, ensuring that you leave the island fully refreshed.

One of our favourite retreats is provided by Anna Sugarman Yoga, at the Chettinad, overlooking the stunning Sant Agusti Valley. Designed to encourage self-discovery, enhance the ability to access Flow State, elevate creativity, engage with the world more harmoniously, and evoke well-being to take home with you – this unique program is composed of yoga, meditation, breath work, healthy food, mindful movement, thought-provoking exercises for the soul, and relaxation.

Anna is an experienced yoga teacher and teacher trainer who will lead you through blissful flows. Her playful vinyasa sessions focus on strength, mindfulness and grace, whilst her yin classes are sweet and calming – always to a great playlist. Anna's husband, Olympic coach and breath expert Richard, of Husseiny Performance, guides breath work and teaches the science behind it, as well as Flow State and consciousness hacking.

Each day of the retreat in this spectacular rural location will be a combination of varied styles of yoga, meditation, playful movement, tools to optimise your life, healthy cuisine, and plenty time to relax and explore – unwind, disconnect from the external world, and focus on spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

Join Anna and Rich to restore your body, mind, and soul through ritual and rest, breath and meditation, yoga and introspection, flow state science and yogic philosophy, practices and play... in the beauty of the bohemian White Isle. Ideal for those wishing to spend time alone, to connect with nature and reconnect with themselves, as well as for those inspired to join forces with like-hearted souls. The 2019 retreat is October 5th to 11th.

Meditation in Ibiza

Ibiza – A Beautiful Paradise

Ibiza has long been a hedonistic destination with its spectacular coasts and landscapes offering the perfect space for contemplation. You will find yoga retreats at many different types of locations across the island. You can opt for yoga on the white sand beaches, at the poolside or in the scenic hills of the island.

There are many spots along the dramatic coastline running north from San Antonio with wonderful scenery and plenty of hidden coves, ideal for calming morning yoga. Cala Conta, just 10 minutes from The Chettinad where Anna and Rich host their retreat, is another fantastic beach location with lovely views across the sea to the Illa des Bosc to the south of San Antonio.

For real isolation from the everyday, a villa or hacienda yoga retreat in the hills is your best choice – The Chettinad! Ibiza has a magical interior landscape with tree clad hills, Phoenician ruins and wonderful views down to the sea all around. Begin your yoga retreat with the sounds of the birds in the trees and the evocative smell of the pine trees as you complete your Vinyasa flow. The rustic charm of rural Ibiza will leave you feeling completely relaxed and restored.

Ibiza Views

Getting to Paradise

Now you know you want to head over to Ibiza for some rest and relaxation, here are some tips on getting there.

  • Pre-book transfer from the airport to your accommodation, or better yet inexpensively rent a car for your stay

  • Save on airport parking with comparison site Parkhero where you can find parking near Gatwick Airport and many others across the UK

  • Book flights in advance and compare baggage fees for different airlines

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