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Mesmerizing Flames

Into the fire we go... Sagittarius season is upon us, with perfect timing to get our generosity and curiosity blazing.

Anna in Red

"Isn't it time to turn your heart into a temple of fire?" Rumi

Has chaotic end-of-year energy got your emotions simmering on high? Are your feelings coming fast and furious? Your reactions are surprising? This pandemonium is potential for huge transformation.

We’re not who we were before. The radical vulnerability we’ve braved this year has made metamorphosis inevitable. And now we have the chance to mourn the departure of our old selves before we emerge in the new year.

Go ahead… Acknowledge the sense of loss that accompanies situational changes and evolution. Admit attachment to lifestyles and mindsets outgrown. Grieve what once was in order to fully release and move forward gracefully.

Along with celebrating our Little Star’s first birthday and first steps, we’ve experienced the feeling of bittersweetness more profoundly than ever. Our desire for her to shine and our gratitude for her brilliant sparkle is indivisible from the inherent sadness that’s chaperoned our sweet, little baby into a thriving, inquisitive toddler...

As this period of mourning is synonymous with the season of celebration, why not compromise with a rockin goodbye party to send off the former you?! Great bashes include great gifts ;)

Gift yourself, or someone you love, tools for change:

Yoga Teacher Training. For anyone seeking depth in their practice and life. Journey into your soul. Harness the power of breath. Access the magic of Flow State. We integrate traditional philosophy with Flow State science, vinyasa flow with Olympic movement technology, ancient pranayama with modern breath work, to support you in creating your own rituals for sustainable change – in paradisiacal Koh Samui, Thailand.

Olympic Essentials. For everyone who desires change. Simple methods empower you to upgrade your wellbeing, to feel and perform your best ever – leading to a life with less stress, better health, and transformational experiences. Learn to optimize your body, mind, nutrition, and sleep, and to access Flow State – the state of mind where gold medals, scientific breakthroughs and award winning art are achieved. Online, from anywhere in the world.

Just as I wish for my daughter, I want you to grow, flourish, make your own magic – not to stay small. Be still my heart, be extraordinary my stars. Dare to dream BIG and shine your light blindingly bright!

Love – Anna

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