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Superheros + Savasana

"It's not who I am underneath but what I do that defines me." Batman

Water Warrior Anna

"What is a superhero? They’re supposed to represent hope, opportunity, and strength for everybody." Aldis Hodge

It's a bird... It's a plane... And Stella is pointing to the sky, shouting, "Whaaat's thaaat?" in her sweet not-so-baby voice... She is growing, learning, integrating new knowledge, and imparting her astonishing wisdom upon us faster than the speed of light. Proudly she stands on one foot, wildly(ish) she twirls, fearlessly she leaps from small objects, and her x-ray vision doesn't miss a thing – especially the things we're trying to keep hidden. Which makes us ponder... How transparent should we be in our parenting? And how do we keep Kryptonite away whilst nurturing our little star's courage as we immerse her in the magnificent beauty of the world? Superhero cape and protective eyewear?

They say it takes a village (Gotham City?!)... And luckily our friends are superheroes. Together we battle obstacles, lend lassos of truth, strive for intergalactic freedom, cultivate awareness, and thrive together. Wanna know some of our Justice League?

Meet Melany. The friend you dance wildly with in the kitchen. The therapist who soothes the nerves of a momma-to-be. The shaman who heals wounds from past lives... Throughout her extraordinary career as a traditional psychotherapist, Melany felt that something was missing in her practice. Enter energy medicine. In modern shamanism, ancient teachings combine with cutting edge research and practices in neuroscience, epigenetics, and nutrition. The whole package. Melany learned, from skilled energy medicine practitioners, shamans, and master healers, to incorporate energy medicine and shamanic ceremonies into her Western therapeutic remedies for complete holistic healing. Wonder Woman? See for yourself — join Rich, Melany and me in Austria, for seven nights and eight days of ritual, journeying into your soul, yoga and other movement, breath work, nourishing food, gorgeous nature, and more magic. Melany will share awesome group activities and be available for private sessions.

Meet Amy. The super cool chica who keeps it real. The wise yogapreneur who generously shares her own lessons with others. The yoga teacher and business coach, who blessed me with the honor of an invitation to be part of her virtual Yoga conference, alongside other teachers whom I admire immensely... Fifteen days of insight into the journeys of global Yoga leaders, starting Monday, May 27th. Hey yoga teachers! Receive practical tips and tools to elevate and expand your fulfilling yoga career, overcome personal and professional roadblocks, manage time and energy, and learn from our mistakes too… During my chat with Amy, a kangaroo was pounding on her door! Yogini or Bond Girl? You decide – sign up for her free Business of Yoga Speaker Series to hear my interview, Thursday, May 30th, 8:00pm (Melbourne time), and a lot of other awesomeness too.

Anna + Family

With great power comes great responsibility (shout out to Spidey!), but there's power in numbers – join our tribe for support, back up, evolution, and fun... Up, up and away! Love – Anna + Rich + Stella.

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