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Highway to the Danger Zone

You'll never say hello to you, until you get it on the red line overload...

You'll never know what you can do, until you get it up as high as you can go... Highway to the Danger Zone!

Anna at Ekhart Yoga

Why do we choose to stay put in our psychological cozy spaces? Fear of what may exist beyond our self-imposed boundaries — failure, success, darkness, magic, surprises, nothingness?

It’s outside of that state of familiarity and ease where we get to know ourselves. There we feel the heat of the flame within that lights our way out of the cool, alleged comfort zone into new feelings, discoveries, expansion, inspiration, accomplishment, illumination.

The courage that accompanies risking the known for the unknown, the comfortable for the uncomfortable, enables us to expand a comfy mindset into a potential future comfort zone. And the joy that leaving the boundaries of the known brings, sometimes immense ecstasy, usually makes the risk beyond worthwhile.

Last week I was blessed with an opportunity to be escorted way out of my comfort zone. I was invited to film classes for the revolutionary Ekhart Yoga. Albeit having taught thousands of sessions and actually enjoying public speaking, talking to a camera has been a fear I’ve always wanted to overcome.

The classes we recorded last week were designed to inspire creativity and flow, to challenge physically and psychologically, to expand that zone of coziness — on and off the mat. I cannot wait to share them with you next month.

Perhaps it’s easier to say yes, to accept an extended hand, to be pushed, than to seek a cliff and leap alone. Why? Because if we decline the challenge someone else will know. Because we will be held accountable. Because we will be acknowledged...

It’s our honor to extend an invitation to you – out of your comfort zone and into your light. Join us in our upcoming retreat, in the Austrian Alps. Seven nights and eight days of ritual, journeying into your soul, energy medicine with Melany psychotherapist and shaman, yoga and other movement, breath work, nourishing food, gorgeous nature – expansion to take home.

"Out along the edges. Always where I burn to be. The further on the edge. The hotter the intensity..."

Let's acknowledge each other.

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