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The Calm Before the Storm

Sit back, survey the path ahead, and move forward with unapologetic selfhood.

"When you have clarity of intention, the Universe conspires with you to make it happen." Fabienne Fredrickson

For a moment… Savor the self-sufficient stillness you have created, settle into the structural support you’ve built, summon a shining trust in the inevitable arrival of unknown magic. And then…

Connect to your power! Speak truth to supercharge and define your place in the world.

With powerhouse planets situating in the cosmos, and the sheer exuberance of arrival sparkling everywhere, this is a time to make no apologies about putting yourself firmly first.

Where are you naturally ready to burst into being? This astrological season says: Consistent effort leads to slow, cool, organic growth, no need for an exhausting, sweaty sprint.

In the weeks to come, allow the landslide to bring a luxurious legacy right to your feet… In the meantime, feel free to lock the door, only inviting in that which truly nourishes you. Power up from the inside out. Your life >> Your domain.

Get crystal clear about your intentions, and match desire to act with regard to what the world needs now. Blend willpower with careful realignments to stay grounded as we soar in 2019! Wanna do it together?

Anna + Family

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