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2018 | Ready... Set... Intention!

“Our intention creates our reality.”


It is time to raise our voices and vibrations for universal solidarity — at the collective level and the individual level we can offer new hope to our planet. This is the year for personal development, because being our brightest selves enables the whole of humanity to shine even brighter than its individual parts. Join us in setting the intention to evolve?

Intention Setting | On and Off the Mat


Intention gives you purpose, as well as the inspiration and motivation to achieve your purpose. By acknowledging how you desire to feel, you can approach life with clarity. When you define how you want to feel, you can make decisions that create the life you truly desire to live.



ɪnˈtɛnʃ(ə)n/ noun

1. an aim or plan ​2. medicine; the healing process of a wound

Intentions and goals are different.

• Intention includes your motivation – the attitude you want to cultivate, the feeling you want to feed. It’s internal, and it will help you maintain the right spirit as you endeavor.

• Goals are quantifiable – you should be able to articulate them clearly. They are external, meaning that someone watching would be able to assess objectively whether or not they are met.

Having both clear intention and clear goals is critical for success.

• Intention provides mental and spiritual inspiration and focus, and without it it’s easy to give in to challenges.

• Goals help you apply the right physical effort to the task at hand. Without goals, you miss out on the opportunity to act, and without action, there’s no growth.

Intentions can be longterm... Or short – try setting an intention for your day, or even just the length of your yoga practice or walk to work. Start small, set yourself up for success, and take it from there!

So snuggle into your sacred space... Take a few deep breaths... And...


1. How do you want to feel?

Intentions are focused on feelings. What we’re actually seeking is the feeling that we think will arrive alongside our wish. E.g. – If you wish to find your soulmate, what it it that you really want to feel once you have found Prince(cess) Charming? Desired, loved, safe, sexy, nurtured, excited, part of a team, playfulness, seen, heard...

2. Become what you seek.

Don’t wait for the person, achievement or thing you are manifesting to show up. Feel the feelings you want now. If you wait to cultivate the qualities you desire, you might miss it! Thus is the science of manifesting – The Law of Attraction: Like attracts like. You naturally draw in the essence of what you are. What you radiate is what you magnetize. And practice makes perfect, so practice feeling and being exactly what you desire (loved, safe, sexy, nurtured, excited, etc about your life) NOW.

3. Physically feel how it feels.

How does being loved and understood feel in your body? Warm and tingly? Relaxed? Peaceful? Where do you feel it and what do you feel – perhaps you've let your shoulders or your belly soften? Bringing your desired feelings into your body gives them roots in your present life because you’re creating new neural pathways and teaching your nervous system how to feel and be. Again, practice makes perfect – practice feeling at ease and content. Feel your intentions by attaching the emotions to physical sensations – the body recognizes signals before the mind does, so training ourselves to physically feel emotions prepares us to recognize the stuff that is working right now and get more of it!

4. Clarify.

Get super clear on why you want what you want. What are you really seeking? Our desires and needs are ever-evolving. Make sure you are manifesting what you want now – not old news. Re-evaluate regularly by asking yourself:

  • What feelings am I seeking?

  • Is there something that's even more aligned with my soul's ethos?

  • Am I trying to please someone else, or following someone else’s path?

Questioning your motivation allows you to become even more refined with your intention setting. Often we are unconsciously motivated by internalized voices – a parent or partner, our own ego... Clarify your motivation.

5. Let go.

Trust that all is happening for a reason and that when you are super clear with your intention, the Universe conspires to support you in every way. Your Higher Self/God/Spirit (your choice of Higher Power!) activates to make your intention to reality. Let that Power take care of the details – what you think you want will likely end up looking like something else, something better. TRUST. When we are attached, we constrict and resist anything that doesn’t look like what we thought. This blocks the flow of energy.

  • Take a deep breath.

  • Pray or meditate on letting go.

  • Let go. Detach from the outcome. Exhale.

  • Await magic.

  • Gratefully and graciously receive.

  • Feel contentment, joy, happiness, peace, sexiness ;)

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