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Why do a Yoga Teacher Training?

Be the change you wish to see in the world.


Are you seeking change? Considering implementing a yoga practice into your life?

How do I start a home practice? or… How to I get my ____________ (mom/boyfriend/sister/husband) to start practicing yoga?

One of our most frequently asked questions – which we are so very grateful to hear, each and every time!

Yoga Teacher Training

The highest motivational factors to start a practice, aside from “I know I should,” are stress relief, overall health and conditioning, physical fitness, and flexibility.

Flexibility and fitness are side-effects – the important part is how the practice makes you feel, physically sure, but even more so: emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. We're going for big JOY! Because that sort of happiness-inducing gratitude is what triggers the feel-good neurochemicals to flood our brain and lead us to our more luminous, creative, courageous, productive, strong selves.

Yoga is hhhhot worldwide, for women AND men – everyone who's anyone is om'ing. So the challenge is to find the style that resonates with you/mom/boyfriend/sister/husband…

This can be tricky for a zillion reasons, including self-consciousness, a competitive nature, shyness, scheduling, etc… and also because of the balance necessary to inspire a return to the mat – not so boring that interest is lost, which a beginner class may be perceived as by an athlete, but also not impossibly challenging to the point that interest isn’t stoked.

We love for videos, as lots of our own teachers are on it and you can search by style, level of difficulty, but coolest of all by duration – there are super short classes and meditations, which means that someone with a lot on their mind or a little time doesn’t have to commit to much. Many are more comfortable to honestly select the guidance they need or want in a private space.


If you/your person is game to join others for a live class, options are likely abundant – yoga studios of all sizes are abound, from sweet boutiques to holy’ish institutions to pop-ups, in gyms, homes, parks, churches… Just ask Siri, or Google, or YogaTrail, or your mom/boyfriend/sister/husband.

Of the many benefits included in nourishing yourself with an actual teacher and the energizing breath of your classmates, you’ll receive instruction and adjustments that you may not be able to make on your own – invaluable as a beginner (or an advanced practitioner). And you’re also likely to learn of other interesting classes, teachers, studios, events, discounts on the latest yoga pants…

Now, if you have been initiated into the practice of yoga, via any route, your interest is peaked, you can’t get enough, you want more, you’re ready to develop your self-practice and potentially even share it… Yoga Teacher Training may be your next logical consideration.

Yoga Teacher Training isn’t only for advanced practitioners who are ready to launch full-time careers teaching yoga.

Yoga Teacher Training is for those who desire the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the practice and themselves, to become their own teacher, to develop their wisdom and inner guru, to expand their higher potential, to play.

Yoga Teacher Training is one of the few chances for adults to indulge, fully immerse, in sweet self-development – grown-up camp.

If you choose to hop atop this magnificent yoga iceberg (5000 years afloat!), rest assured that there will be others at your level, some to inspire you, and some whom you will inspire too. About 30% of the yoga community has been practicing for over three years – the rest are even newer.

Less than half of our Yoga Teacher Trainees attend courses intending to teach post-graduation – of the other half, some discover that they have a passion for guiding and surprise themselves by becoming working instructors. The majority of our students are gifting themselves with the opportunity to impose the change they wish to see in their lives – to design their own practice, one that brings so much joy that they can not help but maintain it.

So… Why YTT?

Because yoga teachers are rockstars – within infinite genres of styles, lineages, philosophies, anatomical ideology, spiritual beliefs, fav yoga pants, etc – and who doesn’t want to rock, influence, inspire change?!?

Consider your favorite teacher, the one whose playlists you recreate, whose workshop you’d rearrange a family vacation to make… And the world-traveling jet-setter, your InstaBFF… And then there’s the soft rocker, who appears to be just like you – only is also a certified yoga teacher. Yoga rockstars range from those teaching via mic to festival crowds, to he who inspires the neighborhood in the studio above the dry cleaner, to your sister from a different mister who is her own teacher. All are in the same VIP club – they’ve completed Yoga Teacher Training.

Join the club if you’d like to…

  • Deepen your physical, intellectual, and spiritual practice.

  • Challenge yourself in all those ways.

  • Learn – not only about anatomy and alignment, but about the philosophy behind the yogic lifestyle.

  • Connect with kindred inspiring souls, whom often remain lifelong friends.

  • Time for YOU. For real.

  • Redefine your practices, and maybe even yourself. Many claim that Yoga Teacher Training changed their lives…

Yoga Teacher Training Graduates

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