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Anna at Vikasa

Atha Yoganushasanam :: Now is the time for yoga. Patanjali

The first Yoga Sutra… It's the initial word that snuggles my soul – atha – NOW, always now. No matter when we practice, or receive the teachings, the time is now and with this auspicious moment of transition, from then into now, comes a blessing. Magic. Now. Every now. Always now.

Patanjali’s premiere pearl of wisdom is at the forefront of my mind as we've just returned from our annual Yoga Teacher Training, in Thailand. We are cherishing the Now, the afterglow, as we delicately place the new us back into our old lives. During our month long courses, we learn, grow, evolve so immensely, that integration is arduous... Dedication to the practice helps, and so does Stella – she has no patience for fragility!

Our little star’s shining presence illuminated the experience in every way. Responsibilities doubled, challenges tripled, worries quadrupled, and joys multiplied exponentially. Our 16 month old yogini waved at stone Buddhas and blew kisses to paintings of monks. She did not discriminate with high fives – her tiny hand reached out with equal enthusiasm to Ganesha statues, yoga teachers, taxi drivers, house keepers, celebrities…

This magic is a blessing. Her awe at all reminds us that the ordinary is extraordinary. And that all there is is Now.

So, now, we begin to look forward to our next trainings – in February, 2020, we will host an advanced yoga teacher training module in our beloved Land of Smiles!

And << the BIG NEWS >> in March, 2020... We'll offer our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in the Mother India – Goa! We are wildly excited to join forces with dear friend and excellent teacher Jenn Russell. Her extraordinary background in dance, experience teaching yoga around the world, and joyful, inspiring style invokes self-acceptance and gratitude. And we are grateful to have her! This course is already filling up, so if you're feeling drawn to a magic transition... Now is the time to inquire.

High five, and big love! Anna xx

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